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Endowment Fund

Endowment Fund

The AALC Foundation's Endowment Funds will provide an ever-growing permanent source of income for extending God’s kingdom through the ministries of The AALC.

The Foundation does this through new ministry initiatives such as:

  • Developing a mass-media network.
  • Funding the birth of new congregations.
  • Funding missionary endeavors.
  • Creating a Conference Center.
  • Developing a studio to produce, edit, and stream multi-media podcasts and webcasts.
  • Enabling the development of an AALC National Office Center.
  • The possibilities are many…

We are confident that the Holy Spirit will inspire prospective donors to respond with gifts such as property, securities, or remembering The AALC through a thoughtful estate planning process.

Why an Endowment Fund?
Click here to learn why.

Who Manages our fund?
The Lutheran Legacy Foundation in Paris, Illinois. Click here for more details.

How Can I Participate?
Click here to learn about some ways that might be right for you.

To Get Help with putting together a plan that is suited to your situation, click here.